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Gerard Gaskin: POCC Ball, Manhattan, NY, 2007



A series of monthly workshops will be held throughout the duration of the exhibition Elements of Vogue. A case study in radical performance, teaching the basic elements of some of the various categories of the Ballroom scene such as Runway, Old Way, Commentator and Hands Performance, Realness, New Way and Vogue Femme.

With a programme designed by Silvi ManneQueen, organizer of the Madrid Voguing Ball, each session will be given by a leading international voguer.


16 February 18:30 — 20:30
Run by Elena Ninja, House of Ninja and The Star House of Bonchinche, Moscow
This style of voguing is an evolution of Old Way which calls for incredible flexibility. In this case, the performer is looking for lines, angles, style and presence, coupled with precision and arm control, great speed and a level of elasticity that in some cases borders on contortionism.

Enrol HERE.

16 March 17:00 — 18:30
A meeting with Mother Lasseindra Ninja, House of Ninja, Paris
Mother Lasseindra is the legendary pioneer who founded the voguing scene in Europe. In this workshop she will share her knowledge and experience with us. In this more theoretical session she will explain the various categories and genres of ballroom, with a special emphasis on vogue’s core idea of Realness. This will be an unmissable chance to ask questions first-hand to one of the living legends of world voguing and to discover the performative power of language.
Open session.

16 March 19:00 — 20:30
Run by Mother Lasseindra Ninja, House of Ninja, Paris
Mother Lasseindra will introduce us to Vogue Femme, the most important category in voguing today, and its 5 essential elements: Catwalk, Duckwalk, Hands, Spin & Dip, Floor Performance. This category exalts femininity to its maximum potential, taking the choreographic grammar of Old Way to its limits. This workshop will also take a look at the differences between two of its styles: Soft & Cunt and Dramatics. Comfortable clothing is essential for this workshop and knee pads and heels are optional.
Enrolment from 19 February to 5 March. The list of selected participants will be announced on 7 March.

More information on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by ringing (+34) 91 2760227




19 January 17:00 — 18:30
Run by Matyouz LaDurée, House of LaDurée, Paris

The Commentator is a key figure in Ballroom, as this is the MC who keeps the narrative and energy of a ball flowing: the person rapping on the mic and commenting on a dancer’s walk or a battle between two dancers. The Commentator brings energy and motivates the dancers, making sure they give their all on the walkway.
His rhymes are witty, reinterpreting the language of voguing and its categories, but also based on well-known songs from popular culture.

Matyouz, a true master of the genre, will introduce us to the Commentator in this workshop. If dancing is not your thing, but rapping or rhyming is, then this could be the workshop for you. Spain needs Commentators!

19 January 19:00 – 20:30
Run by Matyouz LaDurée, House of LaDurée, Paris
Hands performance is a category of voguing in which you only use hands and arms. Here one plays with the rhythm and speed marked by the beat but the most important thing is to tell a story to the public. This category is a great help in developing creativity, and is fundamental for throwing "shade" on a rival. On many occasions it is done while sitting on a chair, to limit the movement of the feet. Matyouz is an expert in hands performance and will give us the benefit of his advice and techniques to learn.

15 December 18:30 — 20:30
Run by Yanou Ninja, House of Ninja, Paris

Selected participants:

Ainara Prieto Domínguez, Alan Raúl Alburqueque Lindo, Alejandro Esteban Sanz, Alfonso Lamprecht Grandio, Ariadna Puig, Carlos Castrejón Ramírez, Cesar Mediavilla Martínez, Cristina García Moreno, Cristina Kim, Cristina Mesones Pérez, Daniel Calero Pereira, Gloria Durán Hernández-Mora, Helena H, Javier Llorente López, Jose Ignacio García Casarrubios, Lara Padilla Lopez, Lucas Selezio de Souza, Manuel Heredia de Haro, Marcos Nogueras, María Cala Álvarez, Marian negro barroso, Marta Jiménez Elvira, Mónica Fernández Ferreras, Nando Danta, Pablo Rodriguez Joven, Patricia Acedo Infantes, Paula Berciano Abarca, Pedro García Moreno, Rebeca Carravilla Duque and Ulrico Eguizábal Catena.

This style of dance is based on the execution of poses, looking for lines and angles that imitate models in fashion magazines, but also poses borrowed from martial arts and ancient Egypt.

Starting from the beginning, learning about the origin of this style and how it rose to fame worldwide, our special guest will work with different parts of the body, with a special emphasis on poses, lines and angles with various exercises. In addition, he will explain the basic elements needed to start Voguing, including a practical part of strategies for battles and questions.
Both categories feature battles, with two people walking on the runway or dancing (old way) at the same time as they try to catch the judges attention.

17 November 18:30 — 20:30
Run by Kiddy Smile, House of Mizrahi, Paris

This category is based on imitating fashion models on runways but exaggerating the attitude and adding your own personality, like the divas of the 90s.

Our special guest will explain the essence and origins of this category within Ballroom. He will run through the various ways of walking, and explain the differences between European Runway and American Runway. The workshop will mostly be practical and there will be a final part in which he explains strategies to apply in Runway battles.

Participants can bring their own outfits or heels to convey the sensation of walking on the runway.

Selected participants:
Adisa Raljevic, Alan Raúl Alburqueque Lindo, Ana Gutiérrez, Anna Gimein, Anthony BC, Belén Parreño Pastor, Christian Galindo Gómez, Cristina Fernandez Vallejo, Cristina Mesones Pérez, Daniel Martínez marcos, David García-Tenorio Alcañas, Elena Rubio García, Inés van Berkel, Irene Lara Sanz, Jose Ignacio Garcia Casarrubios, Jose Vázquez, Jovendelaperla, Julia Morandeira, Lucas Selezio de Souza, Marta Jiménez Elvira, Mickey Vázquez, Mónica Fernández Ferreras, Myrian, Colas tenas, Oliver Vallejo Flores, Pablo García Martínez, Patricia Hernández Lareo, Patricia Jorge Hernández, Patricia Raijenstein, Paula Luengo Almarza, Pedro, García Moreno, Raúl Gonzalez Martín, Rocío Martin Gorbe.


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