CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

12 JULY 21:00 



21:00 BOLO BLAS. Castizo Performance
Bolo Blas is a character from Toledo who lives in an extremely peaceful place where nothing seems to change. A place stylistically anchored in the 1970s, with cheap interiors and faux luxury, in sharp contrast with the outside world represented by Internet. Combining both worlds and the very duality of his life as a person and a persona, Bolo offers us a collection of images in which castizo elements of Spanish kitsch decoration are filtered and nuanced through the visual aesthetics of the new Internet. In his own words, “I’m no one in the street, but on Internet I make up my own stories.”

His project explores time and his relationship with his parents. He spends the whole day in Tumblr, sweeping his home, washing pots and pans, and cleaning his dog’s poo. 




21:45 NINOS DU BRASIL. Concert
The duo formed by the artists Nico Vascellari and Nicolò Fortuni is a project whose origins and background are shrouded in mystery. It consists of a powerful mix of batucada and electronic music that has made their sporadic live performances legendary. A condensed and intense set, a blend of old school techno, spiritual choruses and carnival parades, combined with the intensity of hard-core and old school punk. Their tracks work as percussion weapons made up of congas, bells, jambé, rollers, plates, keys, maracas, whistles and odd animal calls. The goal is to encourage the audience to discover and adopt a sexual and instinctive approach to rhythm and life. 


23:00 RIOBAMBA. DJ set
An Ecuadorian-Lithuanian producer, DJ and cultural activist based in Brooklyn. Her live sets capture the night as a space of joy and resistance. She is interconnected with the urban music movement through pioneers like Tego Calderón, Kap G, Rosa Pistola, Tomasa del Real, DJ Blass and DJVIVAEDIT. In 2017, Riobamba founded the label APOCALIPSIS, a platform conceived to lend visibility to the narratives of people who are “neither from here nor from there”. That same year it selected and co-produced Boiler Room the first reggaeton showcase. It offers ongoing musical training in a juvenile detention centre in Brooklyn, with a programme that emphasises the power of music to promote self-determination and entrepreneurial spirit.