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Audioguías Alba Rihe



At the beginning of 2020 we will be opening the exhibition Absurd Humour: A Constellation of Folly in Spain and, similarly to other occasions, we have invited an artist to prepare what we call a Positioned Visit. This time Alba Rihe has created an audio-guide that will take us on a trip through the exhibition, with what could be considered a soundtrack which is a kind of pastiche, a chimera of voices, a word whispered in your ear that caresses the eardrum and which we hope will make us break out in hysterical laughter in the exhibition hall.

The audio-guides are available free of charge at the museum reception desk during the course of the exhibition. You can also listen the audio on Soundcloud or download in your devices here:

_ Audio 00

_ Audio 01

_ Audio 02

_ Audio 03

_ Audio 04

_ Audio 05

_ Audio 06

_ Audio 07

_ Audio 08

_ Audio 09

_ Audio 10

_ Audio 11

_ Audio 12

_ Audio 13

_ Audio 14

_ Audio 15

_ Audio 16

_ Audio 17


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