CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

 31 MAY 20:30



20:30 JULIM ROSA. FOREVER. Participative performance
FOREVER is a participative performance which uses tattoos as a medium to question the human notion of eternity. The action consists of systematically tattooing the word “forever” onto participants wishing to take part in the project. In a society as spontaneous and changing as today’s, there are few things we commit ourselves to for life, and that gives the idea of “forever” a romantic and idealistic sense. However, there is one thing we are all pretty sure about: our body will accompany our consciousness until the end of our lives.

Julim Rosa draws questions concerning time and physical and mental change on people’s skin. Rosa works with different media, including audiovisuals, drawing and tattoos. Her projects have also been connected to research and production in communication systems.

This is the first test in a tutorial that provides keys to viewing a video. To see a video we need, in principle: an eye or, at the very least, some sensorial receptor that operates minimally [a lot of doubts about this]; the contraption that emits the video in the event that it has to be emitted to be seen [for instance, a video in digital format would also require, apart from what we all know, some extension of our body or a remote body that activates it (namely, a finger or perhaps a voice or voices,...)]; a distance from the video [be it a short distance, a fusion with ourselves or a remote distance]; a place where to watch the video [my house, your place, this terrace, Park Güell, among others]; a bowl, a pothos with its leaves eaten, a floor or similar; and, for the moment, that should be enough.


Anto creates his own pieces, especially for the stage. He works in Artea, an association of researchers in the performing arts. He is about to get his doctorate from UCLM and he also teaches in different places. He would like to dedicate himself fulltime to supporting creative processes. Besides, he has worked with artists like Juan Dominguez, Cuqui Jerez, María Jerez, Cris Blanco, Amalia Fernández, and so on. Óscar makes his own pieces and is also a musician. He accounts for a percentage of Es Poderío Vital, alongside Itxaso Corral and other cells. He supports people’s processes, composes, and watches gameplays. He has also worked with artists like Cris Blanco, Amalia Fernández, María Jerez, Cuqui Jerez, etc.




22:00 LINN DA QUEBRADA. Concert
Fag, trans, black and peripheral. Neither actor nor actress, atrocious. Dancer, performer and gender terrorist are some of the references to Linn da Quebrada who now also uses music as a tool for social transformation and as a powerful weapon in the fight to destroy social paradigms. With political, powerful, danceable lyrics, Linn da Quebrada’s show is a fusion of protest, visual arts and a lot of dance.

Las year she published her first album, Pajubá, which speaks about the life and rights of Brazil’s LGBT community, exploring music genres including funk, rap, fashion and the global ghetto.