CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

14 JUNE 21:00 

21:00 RITA INDIANA. SUITE CEMENTO. Remix reading

At the Picnic Sessions this Dominican writer and musical producer is presenting her Suite Cemento, an a cappella remix of the descriptions of her city taken from her five novels.

Rita Indiana is a Dominican writer, composer and singer. To date, she has published the following novels: La estrategia de Chochueca (2000), Papi (2004), Nombres y Animales (2014) and La Mucama de Omicunlé (2015), shortlisted for the 2016 Vargas Llosa novel biennial and the first Spanish-language novel to receive the Grand Prize of the Association of Caribbean Writers. Her writing and her music are inspired by Dominican popular and marginal culture and language, as well as by many Afro-Caribbean magical-religious traditions. In 2009 she reinvented merengue and other popular rhythms in electro fusions with her band Los Misterios. In her latest novel, Hecho en Saturno, the artist revisits the nostalgic relationships between Cuba and the Dominican Republic and the ideological devastation in both of them as a result of the main character’s treatment for heroin addiction at a clinic/hotel in Havana.



21:45 GARAT, SKRYCKY & TURENNE. ENTRE. Performance
After the premiere of their work PARDO, Garat, Skrycky and Turenne decided to continue exploring the conceptual foundations opened by that research. Taking various different approaches, they examine notions such as opacity, liminality and transposition, shifting towards a new poetic and aesthetic territory in their experimentations with light, corporality, the aural and the relational.

Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, Garat, Skrycky and Turenne are creators working with live art. Their practice pursues a shared aesthetic and ethical approach, researching modes of stage production and collaborative rationales based on possible relationships between different artistic languages. They are currently involved in further developing the line of research opened in their first co-creative piece, PARDO.

This site-specific piece opens the MASA Live Arts Festival, curated by Paulina Chamorro and supported by Iberescena 2018, Teatro Pradillo.