CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo



This space within the library came about naturally as a response to our efforts to provide room for, to lend visibility to and to register bibliographic references that are proposed as new routes for reading and expanding the library’s catalogue and to tie in with the art centre’s activities and exhibitions. The publication, the paper and the document all serve us as a form of generating a stable presence in the processes that take place in the museum within a limited time span.

This four-month period we will be focusing on the activity The Triangle. An Amateur Choir. The library will be an extension of the research being carried out by the musicians, vibrations and noise we have heard throughout the course of the last year and which will be prolonged during this coming year. The selection hopes to facilitate a polyhedral approach to the elusive part of our bodies which is the voice.

In addition, another itinerary will be prepared to tie in with the exhibition Wish to Seem Night