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ACADEMIC YEAR 2009 — 2010


ACADEMIC YEAR 2009 — 2010

A collection is something more than a set of works, a catalogue of pieces or a pile of artefacts; it is also a framework that gives new meaning to objects produced in different places, for different purposes and with different methods. In this new context, the works can be seen and interpreted in a different light because they are unexpectedly thrown together with other creations and a new space opens up between them, a space full of narratives which are rewritten with each new rearrangement of the pieces in the collection. Every time a collection comes into contact with researchers, artists and viewers, new dialogues and rearrangements are generated. Given these coordinates, our mission when dealing with those collected images must be to search for new connections, come up with new interpretations and establish new links between them. In short, we must observe them critically in order to grasp their full meaning and then use that vision to see the world around us from a different perspective.

Collectibles is a research activity that explores the possibilities of the collection as a discursive device. In the four workshop sessions, we will investigate issues related to identity; the ability of images not only to create reality but also to give real meaning; the frameworks surrounding and defining certain objects and bodies; the relationships between art and ideology; and the links between collection, memory and collective imaginary. Three of the sessions will be held at the school center and one at the CA2M, where the collection will be considered as a space for fieldwork.      

1st session: Collectors (re) creating identities
At the school, 2-hour workshop (November-December 2010)
2nd session: Memories, collections, identities
At the school, 2-hour workshop (January 2011)
3rd session: Fieldwork: Case 1
The CA2M Collection, at the CA2M. 3-hour workshop (February-March 2011)
4th session: Collectibles
At the school, 2-hour workshop (March-April 2011)

Educational Programme 2010 - 2011