CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


7 jun — 8 sep 2013

opening: 6 JUN 2013
7 jun — 8 sep 2013


In the XX century, the issue of the body has had a unique prominent role within the art history and visual culture (Surrealism, Actionism and body art in the 60´and 70´, queer performative dissident  emergency in the 90´…)

The body, according to Mary Douglas, is a microcosm of the body of society. We not only have a body, we are constituted, culturally and politically, as bodies (sexed and marked by the gender, the race, the social class, the age…) that are changing over  time, with received education, with social influences, with wars, with sickness, with hunger…

Today´s societies, including those where religion reaches greater weight, are fully involved in a fascination towards countless technologic devises that swamps the life of citizens, who are converted into mere consumers. Nevertheless, within that net virtual and digital thicket, the body continues to benefit from a strong presence ((in its communicative, economic, scientific, medical, sports, beauty, erotic, brothel… dimensions).

CA2M showcases part of its extensive image collection (photographies, videographics and others) of the body by a serial of artists from different decades and years since mid-XX century to the present. Several major issues are addressed in this collection presentation: social tribes, family habits, representations of youth and old ages, conflicts of ideological religious roots… all of these, from a plural and diverse perspective, criticism with hegemonic visions and attentive to the changing social pulse.

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