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JUNE 2017

6th june
17:30h - 20.30h
Pablo DeSoto: Artistic responses to Fukushima. VIsual Archive and onto-ethic epistemology as an approach to research

Pablo DeSoto is an architect, artist and researcher, working at the intersection of many fields and disciplines from architecture and new media to social and environmental sciences. His practice-led research uses disruptive technologies, radical cartography and critical epistemologies to approach urban & geopolitical conflicts in collaboration with other practitioners and the social movements. Currently he is affiliated researcher within the DTST research project, a collaboration between Umeå School of Architecture and Rise Interactive. He just finished his PhD thesis under the title Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Chthulucene, staying with the trouble in Fukushima. He is the editor of the books Fadaiat, freedom of movement, freedom of knowdlege, Situation Room and After.Video: Assemblages (forthcoming this year). In the 2000s he cofounded, a pioneer group of architects, artists, computer specialists and activists.

7th june
Shared Readings
The light of other days: colonizing time and affect
Memory, experience and affect structure not only our subjectivation, but any possible articulation of time. Colonizing this ultimate frontier will not only afford Capital a new venues for expansion, it will culminate to foreclosure and confiscation of collective time

Reading Materials and Excerpts from:

Rob Coley & Dean Lockwood, Cloud Time
Stephen Baxter & Arthur C. Clarke, The Light of Other Days

Viewing Materials:
Black Mirror

13th june

Group work session encompassing body exercises, viewings of materials and discussions,  expanding on and tackling issues that have emerged in previous sessions.

14th june
Shared Readings
XLR8: Californian ideology or molecular red?
Acceleration right or left? Must an emancipatory politics and aesthetics embrace technological acceleration or recoil from it? Is Accelerationism the latest version of Cyberpunk and the Californian Ideology, or Revolution's Last Spaceship?

Reading Materials and excerpts from:

Peter Frase, Four Futures    
Mackenzie Wark, Molecular Red
Steven Shaviro, No Speed Limit
Benjamin Noys, Malign Velocities