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Ciclo cine CA2M Imagen La Liminal 


Walking tour: 12:30 and 16:00 | Film session: 18:00

Activity conceived together with Víctor Aertsen and La Liminal

Back to the City. Urban and Visual Walks is an invitation to go out and explore the city through walking and cinema, proposing, during this time of uncertainty and restrictions, new ways of looking at the city that opens up beyond our front doors.

Last May, after over two months of lockdown, we started to go out onto the street again and come into contact once again with our surrounding landscape, something which we had been longing for, had forgotten about or perhaps had never known in the first place. At first, the restrictions in time slots and distance conditioned the limits of our walks, now more repeated and concentrated around the radius of our home, with the larger city reduced to our neighbourhood and our neighbourhood transformed into a territory rife with new possibilities. Over the course of these weeks our walks became routines and aimless wandering became a daily activity. And in this everyday walking we started to discover previously unknown corners, to build new relationships, to share new experiences, to arouse new curiosities and, in short, to develop new gazes on our surrounding urban and human space.

The aim of this season is to explore all these possibilities, to submerge ourselves in the potential of the city, exploring two paths that are interconnected through a double exercise in urban strolling. Over the course of three sessions that combine walks through the streets of Móstoles with viewing documentary films that offer visual explorations of cities like Paris, Liverpool and London, we will discover the different layers of a city and reflect on the various ways in which this encounter with oneself can take place.

Through these physical and filmic trips, the material and social city will unfold before our very eyes as a space open to exploration, contact, memory and imagination. In all these cases, the urban wandering is presented as a form of discovering the city with new eyes, preparing us for the surprise of the everyday and to discover what has remained invisible up until now.


Each session will consist in a walking tour through different areas of the city of Móstoles followed by the viewing of a documentary addressing various issues related with the walk.


Meeting the community: everyday landscapes

This walk will take us through Móstoles following the heartbeat and everyday rhythms of the lives of its inhabitants, between the past and the present, in search of those traces of the everyday that speak to us of small stories with which to weave the human fabric of the city.

Fotograma Daguerreotypes, Agnes Varda 1976 © 1975 ciné-tamaris 

_ Daguerréotypes. Agnès Varda, 1976, French with subtitles in Spanish, 79 min | Agnès Varda filmed the everyday life of Rue Daguerre, the street in Paris where she lived, portraying the routines and questioning the occupants and business owners in the neighbourhood about their dreams.

Walking through the memory: The city and memory

From a rural to a dormitory town, from village to suburb. The rapid urban development of Móstoles has built up layers of history which are printed into the pattern of its urban fabric. With this walk we will explore those places that speak to us of urban transformations, of collective memories, both present and vanished, in order to think about the future of the city.

Fotograma Of Time and the City, Terence Davies 2008

_ Of Time and the City. Terence Davies, 2008, English with subtitles in Spanish, 78 min | At once a love song and a funereal dirge to his hometown of Liverpool, Terence Davies uses archival footage, popular songs, literary quotations and his own memories to tell us what it was once like and how it has changed from the 1940s until today, proposing a very personal exploration through the city’s urban and human landscape.

Playful wandering: Reimagining the city

What kind of city do we want? Do we need a new city for this new life? Through an exercise in wandering we will propose playing with the city in order to construct new stories and transform the urban landscape into a terrain open to the imagination and possibilities.

Fotograma London, Patrick Keiller 1994

_ London. Patrick Keiller, 1994, English with subtitles in Spanish, 85 min | Patrick Keiller fashions a personal visual essay on London in 1992 narrated through the excursions of two old friends who meet up in the city to make a series of trips to discover the ‘problem of London’ while they look for traces of a past half way between reality and imagination.


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