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EVA MEYER - KELLER, Death is certain, 2003

18:30 H.
EVA MEYER - KELLER, Death is certain, 2003
Cherries have tender skin, flesh and a kind of bone inside them. Their juice is red like blood. When you treat them like humans sometimes treat other humans, then they become human themselves or at least animate objects, which invite you to identify yourself with them.

Inspired by fairy tales, in which sometimes objects come to life and so become a projection screen for our own experiences and fantasies, in the performance Death is Certain Eva Meyer-Keller has installed sweet cherries as her protagonists. The stalks are removed from the fruit, but they are not washed or stoned. Rather they are being killed. She takes care of this business manually, in a way which turns the everyday into something brutal.

The viewer is reminded of deaths from films, but also the reality of executions, how they really happen: associations from the individual and collective experience in the face of a sweet death at the kitchen table.

Eva Meyer Keller mainly works with performance and has shown her art in both galleries and theatres. Before graduating from the school of New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam, she studied photography and the visual arts in Berlin and London. Eva's work is versatile. She often works on a number of projects at the same time, she does performances, organizes festivals and events, develops projects together with others and makes increasingly more videos.

CA2M Space. 35 min approx.

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Tere Recarens. 19 marzo de 2014, 2004- 2014
19:30 H.
TERE RECARENS, 19 March 2014, 2004-2014
I position myself inside of things, inside of words, inside of language; not in the middle, but right inside, in order to become part of it. This desire is expressed in different ways in my works. My playful approach and on-site work are a common thread running through an artistic practice based on a mix of research and spontaneity.

On the 19th of March 2004 I decided to seal two containers for ten years. Now I will describe what has happened since then.

Tere Recarens lives and works in Berlin. Her work emerges as a process of documenting life itself, a collection of minimal and accidental testimonies in which it is practically impossible to appreciate the boundary between art and life. Her work is bathed in a bathed in a pop sensitivity that speaks of art as something shocking and fun in which the artist shares her experiences -her life- with the spectator, retrieving that romantic dualism of art-life. Rather than works, it would be more fitting to speak in terms of an attitude that does not aspire to teach but rather invites the spectator to participate.

Salón de actos. 30 min. approx.

Admission is free until all seats are full