CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


Opening antes que todo- Before everything-

Sept 17. 2010



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On the occasion of the grand opening of "Antes que todo"- Before everything- some artists, displaying also at the exhibition, will show some performative actions and pieces giving shape to a unique programming.



The Best Ten Tips Ever, In Alphabetical Order
Theater played
Antonio Ortega (Barcelona, 1968) observes, from  the bewilderment and the permanent doubt, the mechanisms which define the dynamics of the artistic production and the expectations by which arts and artists find their place in society.  His theater play  The Ten Best Tips Ever, In Alphabetical Order, first played in Belgium in 2009, now on view in Madrid for the first time, is presented as a decalogue to succeed in life. The play falls within "El mundo" project, according to Antonio Ortega, taking as a starting point the subjective analysis of the world and the social behavior, encompassing previous experiments on animals, plants and people.  Together with his previous works,  Cabaret Voltaire and Manifiesto Amarillo, this new play complete the trilogy of the spectacles where the scene director, Xavier Gimenes Casas, is coming up with the most maverick practice of contemporary art.  A sequence of the video version of the play, entitled Respertar la Palabra, will be screened during the exhibition period.



Me llamo Claudio -I am Claudio-
The work of Tamara Kuselman (Buenos Aires 1980) is characterized by its apparent narrative character where multiple layers of meanings are hidden behind.  Her proposals are subtle interferences in the construction process of the subjectivity and the interpersonal relations, paying extra care to the slightest detail, to the fragment. These proposals are materialized in such a different ways as performance, video, sound installation or subtle action developed within a social context, as the piece Me llamo Claudio (2010). Special interest is paid at the exploration of the consequences in the receptor of actions and gestures taken out of context. With Tamara, the importance of the shades is clear, and encourages encounters where the unexpected and the uncertainty rise to surface



Itziar Okariz (Donostia-San Sebastián, 1965) explores the codes and the language conventions as establishing bodies of the individual and also mediator of the relations that the individual starts with the surrounding.  Her actions launch diverse display and communication devises to intent transgressing through the usage of the same conventions.  A mimetic process builds on the descontextualization of the significant, of the change of the logical order, playing the roles inversion between who observes and who is observed and the repetition.   Resources taken from the proper language that the artist alter in a intend to find leakage points which enable to think on new ways of representation; the change of rhythm, the repetition, or the systematic violence of the linguistic rules and codes, are some of the performative strategies taken by Itziar Okariz.



ANOREXIA MENTAL (Itziar Markiegi and Daniel Llaría)ert
Anorexia mental is the joint experimental sound project by the artists Itziar Markiegi (Villava, Navarra, 1981) and Daniel Llaría (Logroño, 1985), who is also displaying in Antes que todo. Their collaborative work puts into practice some accumulative logic: all resources put on the table, their recordings as well as their direct actions (stage, clothing, recording devises, etc.) joined to each other generating an experience close to saturation. The noise, one of the greatest form of accumulation, is the substance selected to relate to others, music as the place where desire become collectivity, the desire as noise This concert within the framework of Antes que todo -Before everything- is preceded by his first recorded album.