CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


An art collection is like a living organism in which each one of its parts will only function correctly if it is total synch with all the other parts. To this end, the preventive conservation of the artworks in the collection -integrated in the planning of the museum, including its very architecture- must be carried out on various different fronts: the acquisitions policy; the rationalization and management of storage spaces, including sectorization, humidity and temperature control, security, proper accessibility as well as adequate equipment and materials; archiving and documentation; systematic monitoring of artworks and restoration plans.

A well-preserved and documented collection is also much more readily accessible to the public not only though exhibitions, but also through outreach, educational and communication programmes, loans of artworks to other institutions, and also through research projects. Applications to loan artworks are very often the trigger alerting to the need to undertake conservation actions. That is why we believe this section of our web is essential to maintain transparency and to explain to the public some of the restoration projects undertaken with the artworks in the CA2M Collection or the Fundación ARCO Collection.