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Here in Móstoles there is a school, a museum and a music conservatory within the distance of barely 300 metres from one another, forming an irregular triangle. In the middle of this triangle there are thousands of sounds, screams, rhythms and words: the silence of class, the sound of the bell and the noise of children running in the school yard during break; orchestras tuning up their instruments, playing together in the auditorium, the conductor marking the rhythm; people on the street speaking in different languages, the hit song of the summer coming from an open window, traffic lights, fountains, women singing to themselves as they stroll down the street, perhaps wishing that they could sing out loud and with more people.

The Triangle is a project that will activate three focal points of listening: a primary school class, a choir and an orchestra. Together they will make up a concert of listeners that start out from silence and its impossibility until managing to amplify everything that usually goes unnoticed. After years undertaking artist’s residencies in primary schools, this year we will begin a new line of work with the same experimental quality as previous years. The challenges we will be undertaking are how to connect such disparate groups, what they can learn from one another, their capacity to work jointly and engage with their surrounding environs and neighbourhood. The Triangle looks on listening as a place for encounter but also for taking risks, a place that, with the help of artists and musicians, will push back the boundaries of teaching art and music, creating hybrid spaces, disciplines and teaching methodologies. The idea is for all the people involved to jointly create a series of unique moments in the neighbourhood that will amplify the power of sound, its ephemeral quality and its political, poetic and festive value.

In conjunction with the project, Kamen Nedev will be following the project with a view to creating a sound documentary.

Nilo Gallego will act as tutor to The Triangle

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Programme for primary schools supported by the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation