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12:00 — 18:00

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It is never easy to say what The Triangle project is all about. For, instance, when talking about our choir, we say: “An amateur choir is not actually a choir, or, well it is a choir, but we don’t do what choirs do;” or talking about our project at the school: “We have created a kind of sound, a sound message or something like that, and all the kids have turned the loudspeakers towards the windows and aimed that sound at Martians.” That’s why we ask ourselves: how can we explain a project that starts from silence, babbling and listening? How can you describe something that can be understood only through participation?

Over the course of this day-long seminar, we want to bring together teachers, participants, artists and educators to reflect about the future of the project for the 2018-2019 course, its second year of life. We want to know about the violinist Luz Prado’s experience when she went back to the conservatory where she had studied for so many years, and how has she rethought musical practice after working with the various groups; how a project like the one devised by Bea Vaca (Narcoléptica) for the schoolchildren merges with a sci-fi story invented by their music teacher; how has the choir managed without a conductor and how it developed the babbling it started out with. To answer those questions, we have invited the artists Bea Vaca (Narcoléptica) and Luz Prado to put sound to their experiences, and the poet María Salgado to tell us about her experience during the months she spent with us, listening and taking notes in her notebook. We will also activate the sound document created by Nilo Gallego from last year’s project.

Aimed at teachers, artists and all those interested in education.