CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo



This piece is made from a cast of a 2nd century Roman marble sculpture at the British Museum, London, a copy of the Greek original by Myron, from the 5th century B.C., now lost.



[…] Sculpture, and its idealised depiction of the human being, was used as an effective tool for civic, ethical and aesthetic education during the classical period of ancient Greece […] Other cultures and other races have their own specific prototypes and ideal models. In consequence, aesthetic rules and customs are a reflection of human societies and their political systems.

The San Fernando Royal Academy possesses many casts and reproductions of classical Greek and Roman figures from various Spanish royal collections. The figures made in its workshops have been used over the centuries to train art school students. To a certain extent, it is like a storage vault for the genetic code of the ideal human figure inherited from classical antiquity. And it is in its workshops where I am going to try to overturn and modify this ideal in order to adapt it to a new diffuse and disperse reality.

Mateo Maté