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Lisa Vereertbrugghen, SOFTCORE, 2017. Produced by CENTRALE FIES in the programme Live Works Performance Act Award. Photo: Alessandro Sala, courtesy of the artist and copyright of the photographer.




18:00 - 23:00


Night is a time of power, a time when the clear-cut outlines of the day are blurred, giving way to new night-time compositions with vague boundaries. Darkness sharpens other forms of perception, which is now not so much a question of sight and more to do with sound, atmosphere and texture. Furthermore, if daytime is usually considered as productive, then night-time is seen as non-productive, sleepy and hedonist. It is a place where one can rehearse new forms of sociability and affective flows, a space for celebration and political struggle through pleasure and dance. Insofar as a territory, it can be inscribed within its own genealogy, memory and traditions.

Night Studies is an evening set aside for collectively exploring and invoking the political, social, affective and aesthetic potentialities of the night and darkness. A programme of actions, routes, sounds and stories that produce possible definitions of what nocturnal could mean —its qualities and commonplaces, its movements and singularities— so that we can better understand what we can learn from it. If the indiscernibility of darkness proposes other forms of perception, it also implies aesthetic and pedagogic forms that do not refute the intrinsic opaqueness of all knowledge. To this end, we ask the questions: Which modes of attention and affective economies are proper to the night, and which political dances and social choreographies do they rehearse; which languages and which modes of perception and transmission do they enable, and what nocturnal territories do they outline; what spatial features do they present and under what codes do they operate; in what histories are they inserted and what references do they have? How can we grasp the kind of informal learning that happens at night? How can we transform our methodologies and positions? How can we imagine what Night Studies could entail?

In response to Noche de los Teatros 2018 dedicated to young people, this proposal wishes to dovetail with the slogan for the second season of escuelita, “Social Choreographies”, and in response to a long history and growing defence of the night in Madrid as a space for social reinvention. But it is also a reference to the La Escuelita dance club, a historic venue for the Afro-Latina queer community in New York that closed two years ago, to which this programme is indebted and owes its name.


With the participation of Grupal Crew Collective, Julia Morandeira and Manuel Segade, José Salas, Lisa Josephine Vereertbrugghen.


Event held to coincide with Noche de los Teatros 2018


Admission free until capacity is reached





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