CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

12 SEPTEMBER 2019 – 5 JANUARY 2020



Exploring Ana Laura Aláez’s work is to venture into an artificial paradise of appearance. A world where canons are turned on their heads, identities are polyhedral and ambiguity is a positive value. The work she has been producing since the early nineties is based on a gaze that underscores the hedonistic side of life, grounded on an aesthetization of different forms of human and social behaviour within the framework of contemporary culture. In her particular context, the Basque Country, where art is strongly influenced by the sculptural tradition inherited from Oteiza, Ana Laura has always defended difference as beauty.

All Concerts, Every Night, All Empty brings together some of Ana Laura Aláez’s most recent works in dialogue with others from the beginning of her career. The exhibition is proposed as a return to her origins, back to the starting point, in order to delve into the cracks and fissures of the themes that have underpinned her practice over the last twenty years: the body as pedestal, the pedestal as sculpture, sculpture as song, night as material, identity as conflict, pretence as possibility. The idea is to experiment with the search to represent oneself as a language in its own right, a key concern in her practice throughout all this time. On this occasion however, the project wishes to speak from an elusive place, eschewing direct allusions, a noisy space that has less to do with sound than with a quiet rebellion. A place which, as suggested by the title of the exhibition, in turn taken from one of her lesser known works, is at once categorical and yet short-lived.



A catalogue will be published to coincide with the exhibition.