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Year 2030. Laziness has been recognised as an inalienable human right in the Transition society. The radical decline in the pace of production, coupled with the greater sharing of wealth has vastly increased our free time. Public hammocks to be used by whoever wants them can be found all over a much more peaceful city, similarly to the proliferation of park benches in the twentieth century. An area in Móstoles has so many hammocks that it is popularly known as the hammockdrome, frequented by lots of local people who have turned the open-air siesta into an art form.

For the exhibition Once upon a time... Móstoles 2030, Rompe El Círculo Institute for Transition imagined the city in the future and dreamed up new ways of living in it, bearing in mind the fact that climate change and the oil crisis will put an end to economic growth as we know it now. The museum wishes to give life to one of those ideas they imagined to reinvent the possibilities of living in the city with other people and turning it into a reality in 2018.

Continuing with the spirit of A Canopy for the Roof Terrace Garden, together with the Rompe el Círculo Institute for Transition, Tejiendo Móstoles and all the people who wish to take part, in this roof terrace garden workshop we will learn to build hammocks in a traditional, slow way and we will activate a network of people to work together to expand the limits of the possible and to transform one of the city’s parks.

Aimed at all those interested in taking part

In collaboration with Rompe el Círculo Institute for Transition, Tejiendo Móstoles and the City Council of Móstoles

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