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Esther Gatón Unmetroymedio


Esther Gatón (Valladolid, 1988) completed her PhD at University Complutense de Madrid with a dissertation on The forms of action and production of artistic practices in the post-Fordist economy. An analysis of its specific potentiality. In it she dismantles the myths on which the basic narrative material to speak about artists today is sustained. It comes as no surprise then that her artistic production is grounded in narrative resistance: her work is specific, either with respect to the material or to the environment, a kind of formalism that does not depend on a preconceived idea but on a chain of needs that give rise to the production of an object.

In her exhibitions, her works have an eccentric function: they ricochet, suspend, trip up... to a certain extent, they are out of place in order to be in their place, a stance close to an understanding of things that comes from so-called speculative realism.

Esther explains that blue fire, her video conceived for #Unmetroymedio: “assembles extracts of videos downloaded from YouTube, putting them together in a chain of fascinations with fluid forms, with the "antinaturalness" of the colour blue, with explosions or with apparatuses in motion. The video couples together different scenes showing, not so much the particularities of individual cases, but the similitudes between them; on the order of rhythm, gestures, vibrations, applause, or rattling. And so, over the five minutes they construct a collective form that, as such, includes inertias, contradictions and silences.

As the material has been downloaded from YouTube, the images were not viewed directly, but consisted in displacements of the experience; the remnants of other experiences. The process of confinement has increased and accelerated the questions which our generation were already beginning to ask. blue fire engages with those questions that have to do with the screen as an entity invested with agency, in which to act directly”.