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"The problem is not to be freed of representations. The answer is a proactive sense of the action capacity requiring us all to have a high written and visual literacy level. I do not believe we can speak of freedom or social justice in any culture without mentioning literacy-promotion movements" bell hooks. Teaching to Transgress. Education as the Practice of Freedom.

Made up of Laura Alises, Eva Garrido, Victoria Gil-Delgado, Marta de Gonzalo , Carlos Granados, Pablo Martínez, Yera Moreno, Maria José Ollero, Publio Pérez Prieto, Diego del Pozo, Cristina Vega and Virginia Villaplana.

Las Lindes was created in 2009 in response to a shared concern by various education agents facing the difficulty of generating a different tale to the predominant discourse on educational practices, while at the same time feeling the need to build an education community to reflect on the essence of education.

Right from the start of the project, our initial premise was based on the conviction that education is a privileged place from which to build a common future project, and our approach has always been a constant questioning of our practices and our theory benchmarks with a view to creating a community to reflect, share and direct our concerns and desires. 

In October 2012, Las Lindes set a collective research process in motion with the aim of opening up to other groups developing critical educational practices with a view to undertaking joint working processes. In this sense, the periodic nature of the open sessions in which to share work has varied, but encounters open to the participation of educators, artists, students and people interested in education continue to take place.






.TEATRO PRADILLO. 12:00 — 19:00

As part of the performances cycle, PAM! Teatro Pradillo and Las Lindes learning communities will carry out an OPEN SPACE to reflect together on the concept of “performativity”, its branches and implementations in our artistic and political contexts, together with the frameworks where performative practices are currently located and how these frameworks determine the production of meaning. Since “performativity” refers to how some expressions can become actions and transform reality, could we replace the free thinker and propose our own concept definitions and implementations in order to find our everyday performative experience through their meanings? Could we perform the performativity concept, that is could we change it and make it our own? Please come with us in a tour that will start on Thursday 3rd of April at 20:00 at CA2M with Aimar P. Galí performance and Black Tulip’s intervention, continue at Teatro Pradillo son Saturday 5 with Open Space, where thanks to an self-formative methodology we will get excited, ask questions, talk and map, sharing our knowledge, and end again at CA2M on Sunday 6 at 18:30 with Eva Meyer Keller and Tere Recarens.

Check the full Black Box / White Cube program. In cooperation with Teatro Pradillo (c/Pradillo, 12, Madrid).

Free registration at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


FRIDAY 17 JAN. 19:00

Rompe el Círculo presents...

A session in which we will discuss popular education in times of crisis and self-education as a form(ation) of politics.

In the Asociación Rompe el Círculo (Plaza del Turia, 2, Móstoles). Hospital de Móstoles subway station.

In April last year we interviewed several members of Rompe el círculo association, please find the interview here. Interesting subjects came up, not only about the origin and functioning of the association, but also on their technical budgets and the way they work. Interview to Rompe el círculo (download)

More info on the association:



THURSDAY 6 feb. 19:00

One minute, one image

A session dedicated to the construction and analysis of the audiovisual tales.
In the CA2M

For this session we decided to carry out a short naked exercise and to feature a set of materials that we have used at Las Lindes to communicate, understand each other and to develop the working plan already in operation for the current year. At the beginning, these materials were nothing more than a tool that helped us structure our internal work. But in the end they became a compilation of various audiovisual references that we believed were important to put at the disposal of others. Some of them show interesting values for current educational and cultural practices needs in our context. Since our research scope is aware that showing a set of useful references also entails a methodology, in this occasion we have decided to establish other patterns for this presentation. On the one hand, we have gone for time limit as one of our operating parameters. We have borrowed name and format from Agnès Varda (who we look up to): “one minute for one image”. Second, we have included performativity and the body as a requirement in the making of the presentation since these two aspects have been part of our practices for a long time. And last, we have used a random order since randomness is a playful factor that allows to keep the final result open and that introduces play and the unexpected as key factors for the session development. We hope that these parameters will give an experimental shape to this experience-sharing format and thus drive it away from academic straightjacketing including findings, reactions and relations instead. Play, interaction, the body, motivations, revealing processes, showing roots, rediscovering things through creative relationships… Because in order to like teaching in a time of crisis, room for liberating enjoyment is essential.


THURSDAY 6 mar. 19:00

University and body. Artistic education

At the back of Fine Arts (Universidad Complutense)


Free entrance


Possibility of registering to receive periodic information about the project by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. subject: las lindes


All videos of the sessions available






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