CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


After a year of family activities, we invite all participants from the 2011-2012 workshops and also anyone who wish to join us, to come and enjoy the following activities:

19:00 h. Experimental Film Projection
It will be screened the resulting project obtained from the cameraless workshop created by the participant families with a 16 mm film.

19:30 h. The Last Assembly. Beato Simón de Rojas Student and Lilli Hartmann theater play.
During the school year, the artist Lilli Hartmann has created a theater and performance workshop for the schools nearby CA2M, Beato Simón de Rojas School, dealing with sound and movements.

20:00 h. Tamara Arroyo Intervention.
The artist Tamara Arroyo has developed a kids´ and adults´ workshop  Un espacio, una idea during this year, putting it into practice within the museum venues where the space became the working tool. This day, Tamara Arroyo will be responsible for transforming the terrace.

20:00 h. Snack and music at CA2M terrace
As in any great party, we invite you to come over and dance to the beats of CA2M music at the terrace while having a softdrink outdoors.