CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

18 FEB — 10 JUNE 2017


A survey show of the work of Jorge Macchi (Buenos Aires, 1963) overviewing 25 years of artistic output covering the whole breath of his practice, including works on paper, videos, paintings, photographs and installations coming from many public and private collections in Argentina, Spain, Portugal and the USA.

The exhibition showcases around 40 works made between 1990 and the present, and is divided into various thematic cores, ranging from his cartographies, works made with newspaper cuttings, installations in which time is detained and the optical effect disrupts reality, painterly phantasmagorias and video-installations in which music plays a critical role. The title of the survey Perspective, in lieu of the more conventional retrospective, speaks to a gaze that spans from the present towards the personal, experiential past of the artist. Formally speaking, it also refers to the art of reproducing the illusion of depth and form with which objects are they are seen by the eye, and evokes a constant in Macchi’s work: the tendency of the real to become undone and the fictitious quality of signs that populate the world.

Jorge Macchi works with everyday images and transforms them by means of plays of light and shadow, sequential dynamics and effects of repetition that end up creating redolent perceptive effects and disrupting consensual visions. The urban environment, signs from consumer society and the history of art operate as materials which the artist associates or confronts in effects of collision and of displacement, casting doubts on the identity of situations and even of objects and beings themselves.


Catalogue includes a wide-ranging selection of images of his works, the essays “Jorge Macchi surrealista, o la perseverancia en lo imposible” by Inés Katzenstein and “Los planos de Macchi” by Rodrigo Moura, plus an extensive interview with Agustín.Pérez Rubio.


Symposium on Argentinian Art directed by Mariano Mayer


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