CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


Ensayos de la evaporación, Esperanza Collado



9 FEB. — 9 MAR. 2014


From its very beginning, cinema was absorbed by an industrial production system that has used it in its own interest. To the point that in the last decades, film-makers and audiovisual experts have started to reflect on tyrannies imposed by the industry, where the screen's frame is understood as the projection's limits, the characters' identification processes are predefined to impose a certain life style and the camera becomes the main working tool.

As opposed to these premises, revealed cinema aims at taking the cinema experience beyond the projected image. It is not about totally destroying cinema either, but rather about transforming it through contamination with other artistic practices in order to reach André Bazi "total cinema" concept or the "infinite cinema" concept proposed by American avant-garde film-maker, Hollis Frampton: «Free from photographic-impression and released from technical aspects, cinema transcends history and opens itself to other fields».


Curated by Playtime Audiovisuales.
In collaboration with Abraham Rivera




SUNDAY FEB. 9, 18:30 H.
Recently veiled (stage snack)
Javi Álvarez

An interactive chat where the versatile Javi Álvarez will playfully talk about audiovisual experimentation processes trough the use of simple technologies, obsolete devices, domestic engineering, circuit bending and digital debris in general. Javi Álvarez researches on low-fi processes and "amateurism" as a critical strategy to the standardized use of new technologies in contemporary audiovisual media. «This is about transforming something old into something new and looking for the unknown among what is known».


Evaporation essays(We only guarantee the dinosaurs)
Esperanza Collado
Starting from the sculptural possibilities of cinema's material, three correlated lines of work are proposed: direct manipulation options offered by celluloid, search of new models for film presentation and their impact in space, and the meaning of the body in the cinematic experience. The piece falls between performance and installation, a space where a set of ephemeral film pieces are combined with the staging of specific actions that complement projections. This work analyzes the illuminated projection phenomenon as a volumetric and gassy formation, while the cinema is derailed and dissected. In between, both artists will offer the attending audience a continuity piece together. We will also have a snack.


SUNDAY FEB. 16, 18:30 H.
Pyramid Meditation
Afrika Pseudobruitismus

Immersion and trance are qualities that experimental cinema has tried to put in practice throughout history. Taking the present as a starting point and using found footage, Pyramid Meditation finds its place somewhere in between hallucination and dreams, and takes a walk among slowly changing 3D astral landscapes and Hindu meditation. Afrika Pseudobruitismus finds inspiration in her fascination for obsolete technology and the search for mistakes and bizarre aspects to create an intense meditation session with her synths and her vocoder.  

Ver cada ver es (Seeing "dead bodies / each sight is")
César Estabiel

Dead bodies / each sight is (1981) by Ángel García del Val is one of these bizarre and unknown Spanish movies, a rare bird that finds its place inside our brain rather than in a physical space. The movie triggers particular sensations and its aesthetic, inspired in early video-camera shootings, bring it close to a cinema universe where we find ourselves unprotected. Even though more than 30 years have gone by since it was filmed, it seems like time has stopped in that room where bodies are embalmed. Using these sensations and very strong images, César Estabiel looks into the musical past for fragments that can bring light and voice to these images, a performative act where John Zorn, Diamanda Galas or Coil among others narrate what happens shot after shot through sound. A unique experience that is completed by a big table full of the album covers used for this session.


SUNDAY FEB. 23, 18:30 H.
Víctor Iriarte in collaboration with Violeta Gil

Víctor Iriarte's life is a continuous work in progress where ideas, projects, movies, improvisations and variations live together revolving around a necessary reflection on contemporary art, images dismantling and love. Thus, the project he shares with us is the result of different personal and professional experiences he has been enjoying in the last years. The project starts in Montevideo with a peculiar conference, a half spoken and «musicalized» movie where no images are projected. It also uses his «habit» of sleeping in places not intended for rest. Other influences are a text by C. K. Williams called This happened combined with Full-moon nights by Eric Rohmer, the ending of The dead, by James Joyce and a night stay in Pradillo Theatre during a dance marathon shared with Violeta Gil. Wild animals I sound project and I like America and America likes me performance by Joseph Beuys, where the famous artist was locked in a room with a coyote for four days, are also part of the project.


SUNDAY MAR. 2, 18:30 H.

Laida Lertxundi and Alberto Cabrera Bernal
Laida and Alberto are two film-makers that prefer celluloid to express themself. Thus, traditional videoplaylist, where a certain character shares his favorite online videos with the audience, becomes in this case a hypnotic session called kinoplaylist, where thanks to two 16mm projectors, the Internet is replaced by real cinema. An innovative proposal with crossed projections where they will share their own movies, inspiring movies by other authors and a final surprise that is a project-specific collaboration between the two artists.


SUNDAY MAR. 9, 18:30 H.
Presentation of fanzine El cine rev[b]elado (Revealed / Rebel cinema)
Playtime Audiovisuales and Abraham Rivera

On the occasion of the cycle, a fanzine has been published on the idea of revealed / rebel cinema. Different artists have been invited to produce work on paper considering this proposal.


This is not cinema
Blanca Rego

This project is born as an ironic remark on the digital obsession of imitating the look of old chemical and analogical media, but also as a reflection on the blurry line between cinema and video, two media closely linked to each other that seem to be eternally confronted. It is a live show based on digital videos made with low-fi devices, but which visual look is inspired in the 60's and 70's flickers films. Sound-wise, what you hear is exactly what you see thanks to a digital transfiguration technique inspired in the optical sound films from the 70's.