CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


#CuandohacesPOPyanohaySTOP [#OnceYouPopYouCantStop]
6th — 10th JUL. 16:00 — 21:00 H.

They say we don't stop seeing the light from a star until way after the star has disappeared. What if a black hole swallows a star like Justin Timberlake? How many stars called "Justin" do we know? There may be more Justin stars that we still haven't discovered. Justin Bieber?

These radical questions about our existence will be the ones we will decipher together in this workshop. As we do every year, UHF invites an artist to run a summer workshop where we can research new artistic strategies. This year, we will receive the visit of Jorge Dutor and Guillem Mont de Palol, two artists who work in the realm between film, theater, and music. During five days, plus a night which we are going to spend at the Museum, we will immerse ourselves in their creative universe in order to attempt to trace out a map of pop culture, and to detect which are the starts that shine most brightly over us. We will create a collective drama piece through a choreography based on names of celebrities, pop starts, song titles and choruses. At the end of the workshop, we will have a live presentation, open to the public.

If you are aged between 13 and 18, you can register for free at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 912 760 225.

#espaciomutante #uhf

UHF is a platform for youth aged 16 to 21, which works collectively on audio-visual production. It is a permanent educational project that researches into ways of seeing and narrating, different from those established by commercial TV and film. Throughout its two years of life, UHF has become established as a project in continuous transformation, rethinking its goals and methodologies, in order to become an open space of creation, where young people can create and share content on a weekly basis, get to know other video creations, and enter in contact with artists and creators.

In its last editions, UHF has been visited by: Terrorismo de autor, Patricia Esquivias, Iván Argote, Fermín Jimenez Landa, David Domingo, Momu y No es, Begoña Olavarrieta and Cristina Busto.




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