CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo



Curated by: Silvia Zayas

WOMB is a season of films which are close to us, both in time and in space, projects conceived and created in various contexts in Madrid, and with or for artists that usually work with live arts.

WOMB is a sound and also a matrix that contains various forms of working with others, rather than stories that work in a straight line. A universe of strange and close connections that bring into play a whole range of forms of production and of cinematographic languages.
Films that propose ways of interrelating in their shared creative process, or with spectators, or within an image that becomes multiple.
Films that do not say “this is it” and “only this”.
Films without possible spoilers, because they are written in the present... because reaching the end is not what matters.
Stories of love with the materiality of the image.
Films that place their trust in the spectator, and allow the screen to be crossed through.
Films “with” people and experiences, and not films “of” heroes or characters written in advance.

...films that jump scale in between songs, anonymous hands, softcore and hardcore interventions, accomplice eyes and cameras, sheep, double meaning, guns, tactile film, films with nomadic accents and vibrations, virus, editing choreography, tigers, hidden spaces where to rehearse freedom, money, impossible fictions, traces, intimacy, birds, ancestral times, z series, biscuits, orality, layered realities...

I suddenly remembered a video doing the rounds on internet of a man who was screaming into a hole to hear the echo of his own voice, when, all of a sudden, somebody (or something...) answers back from inside. I could only imagine unsettling cycles in which confusion wriggles its way in between the body and the images that respond unexpectedly.

Films like verbs that open up to what might have been, what could be and pure being, like experiences in the present.


Ojo Guareña. Edurne Rubio, 2018, 56 min
Edurne Rubio will be in attendance

A group of potholers enter a cave called Ojo Guareña. The limits of the space seem blurred and the human voices reach us like an echo from some strange place. In the end, we do not know for sure if it is us who are looking at the cave or, on the contrary, it is the cave that is looking at us.

Chus Domínguez in collaboration with Katsunori Nishimura, Elena Córdoba, Mónica Valenciano and Nilo Gallego
Chus Domínguez and other collaborators will be in attendance

Various more-or-less strange pieces that arose from the conjunction of Chus’s cinematographic gaze and the theatrical gaze of Nilo Gallego, Mónica Valenciano, Elena Córdoba and Katsunori Nishimura.
K_A op. 14. Sin título. Katsunori Nishimura and Chus Domínguez, 2015, 5 min 30 sec.
La danza de la codorniz. First movement. Elena Córdoba and Chus Domínguez, 2010, 7 min
Impregnaciones de la señorita nieve y guitarra. Mónica Valenciano and Chus Domínguez, 2008, 13 min
Felipe vuelve a casa con las ovejas sonando. Nilo Gallego, Felipe Quintana and Chus Domínguez, 2001, 18 min


The Movie. María Jerez in collaboration with Cristina Blanco, Amaia Urra and Cuqui Jerez, 2008, 55 min
María Jerez will be in attendance

A room. A ballpoint pen. A kitchen. A stapler. An iron. A biscuit. A dryer. A funnel. Four posters. A mystery to be solved. The Movie is part of The Neverstarting Story project.


El complejo del dinero, 2015, 76 min and El coheredero, 2018, 30 min. Juan Rodrigáñez
Juan Rodrigáñez, Jorge Dutor and others to be confirmed will be in attendance.

The film El complejo de dinero came about from the collision between Juan Rodrigáñez’s desire to explore certain possibilities for contemporary cinematographic fiction with artists working in the live arts (Lola Rubio, Cecilia Molano, Jorge Dutor, Rafael Lamata, Katrin Memmer, Pablo Herranz, Eduard Mont de Palol, Julia de Castro), and will be screened along with El coheredero, a film currently in the editing phase which also came about from the same meeting in summer 2013.


Introducing the star. The choir girl's diaries. Pablo Esbert and Federico Vladimir, 2016, 71 min
Pablo Esbert and Federico Vladimir will be in attendance

Introducing The Star is a project that mutates as quickly as the HIV virus. It is an autobiographical musical fiction. An epic yet intimate cosmogony. A fable about pregnant chorus girls, flying viruses, pregnancies, infections, science fiction and electronic music.


Adelante la selva. Alejandra Pombo, 2017, 1 h
Film performance with Alejandra Pombo

“While my last three films It’s Called Listen, Tiguer Oracle and Wild Palms all stand on their own, Adelante la selva is a way of presenting them, in which, in between the films, I make a series of live interventions in which I am interested in fostering a certain state and situation to see each one of them: an editing task outside and inside the screen.”