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Every Saturday, CA2M will screen experimental, documentary and animation films specifically selected for families. These programs aim to offer different artistic proposals from the international scene created with audiovisual languages different from to the ones from the TV and the film industry, offering other rhythms, other narratives and other stories. The screenings will go in conjunction with the Cameraless Film Workshop conducted by Alberto Vázquez where adults and kids could work on the expressive possibilities of the films by creating an experimental film without having to shot.



FILM SCHEDULE:  "Mi mundo, mi imagen y yo" -My world, my image and me


How often do you look at yourself onto the mirror? Do you think you are as you look like? How do you represent yourself when you drawing yourself? Do you recognize yourself in old pictures, or when  you were younger?  The film selection for this programme will help us thinking about ourselves and about the world around us: from the caricature of the today´s selves by Tati, to the image experimentations and games by a pioneer in video making as Peter Campus. In films like I am sorry, I am late we will all recognize ourselves when watching the vicissitudes of the protagonist to arrive on time home. In TV Ping Pong we will enjoy the game, crossing and repetition of images as if we were in a labyrinth of mirrors and consequently our bodies were breaking down. A more poetic film as Chaque enfant completes the programme. And, we will  end with an experimental film from a Cameraless film by McLaren which will be on screen and will also introduce us in the cameraless  shooting world. l


Three transitions
Peter Campus, 1973, 5’04’’
Three Transitions is a three sequence video where the American artist, Peter Campus, ironically experiences the relation between the internal and external self by constantly mutating his image up to a point where he evaporates. In this film, the artist, main character of the story, reaches a balance between himself, the formal investigation of video and his properties.



Sorry I’m late
Tomas Mankovsky, 2008, 3’
A boy misses his bus encountering an incredible adventure to get back home. With a simple story, the artist has created a stop-motion short film on a human scale. The common objects shot on the floor of a gym become obstacles for our hero in his way home.



Chaque enfant
Eugene Fedorenko, 1979, 6’28’’
This animation short narrates the story of a homeless boy who was rejected by different families to finally be adopted by a foster family. The film, shot with the intention of showing the fundamental Rights of Children, also shows us the sound effect technique with the participation of the Canadian duo “Les Mimes électriques” who reproduces all sounds of the film.



TV Ping Pong
Ivan Ladislav Galeta, 1978-1979, 2’
Two men playing ping-pong when the image starts twisting. The artist, Ivan Ladislav Galeta, is an experimental filmmaker from Zagreb who highlighted, as Peter Campus, moving images as a experimental tool. He used to work in a mathematical way, compiling his artworks, image by image, following a calculated rhythm.



Five for Four
Norman McLaren, 1942, 2’54’’
Five for Four is one of the first Norman McLaren´s works, where he improves his drawing technique right on the film, by making move and dance symbolic figures drawn directly on a 35mm film on a painted background. Just a first contact before the workshop that which will take place after the screening.  



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