CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo


CA2M family workshops are not related to the exhibitions but to the central themes running through its entire programme of activities. This workshops are raised from an investigation of new educational forms within a intergenerational context, which turn around concerns related to performance and to fiction and story creation.

Adults and kids will transform the CA2M space by using ephemeral materials. Some changes would be almost undetectable traces, others, instead, would be scenographies much more visible. This process will teach us to understand the Museum architecture in a different way, at the same time, to find a personal and unique language each time.
Drawing and photography are used within this project to make us travelling through the museum space as well as through the vital space of each participant.

Tamara Arroyo´s work parts from the observation and interpretation of her surrounding space. From this approach to places, the artist acts on them establishing a dialogue between what is real and imagined. She bends over experiential, personal experiences from daily inhabited places.   Her works have varied according to the project: from drawing or photography to public art projects.


2011-2012 Educational Programme