CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo



Documentales en corto

12 MAR 2010


In conjunction with the Regional Government of Madrid´s Short film Week, CA2M houses a series of short documentary films

Aerosol, Michel Rolland, 2006, 23’
Writing with images is the starting point for this documentary, which is just the portrait of four graffiti writers from Madrid and Barcelona: SUSO33, ISRA, SIXE and KAPI.


Extras, Ana Serret, 2005, 14’
Pablo Piñeiro, passionate background actor, remembers his youth works, those crowded works and highly remunerated with stars from Hollywood or from the Spanish film industry. Goya  Award to the Best Short-film in 2006.


Joe K, Oscar de Julián, 2006, 17’
Time ago, Carlos had a brother, a mother, a partner and two kids. Now his family is much bigger.


Platicando -Chating-, Marisa Lafuente, 2004, 25’
The vicissitudes suffered by immigrants who live in Madrid, through their phone conversations with their beloved relatives and friends… A camera enter into four telephone booth centers and captures that universo of calls, dreams, frustrations, lies, paper work and routine.


El hombre feliz -The happy man-, Lucina Gil, 2007, 15’
Does a happy man exist? 2008 Goya Award to the Best Documentary Short film