CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo



19 MAR – 23 APR. 2010

Parallel to the exhibition SONIC YOUTH etc. : SENSATIONAL FIX we present a film cycle about Sonic Youth including a number of references to artists and filmmakers who have collaborated or influenced the work of the New York band, enabling us to better understand the universe around them.

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Last Days
, Gus Van Sant, 2005. V.O.S. English. 97’
In Last Days, Gus Van Sant features the portrait of an artist buckling under the weight of fame, professional obligations and a mounting feeling of isolation. A story about a fame escape. An initiatory journey that will transport the protagonist of this film to a solution to his tormented existence through the only possible way of redemption: the music.

26 MAR
The Devil and Daniel Johnston
, Jeff Feuerzeig, 2005. V.O.S. English. 110’
Documentary film which features the life of Daniel Johnston, manic-depressive genius singer, songwriter and artist revealed in this portrait of madness, creativity  and love. As an artist suffering from manic depression with delusions of grandeur, Daniel Johnston’s wild fluctuations, numerous downward spirals, and periodic respites are exposed in this deeply moving documentary.

, Olivier Assayas, 2006. 115’
From, The Festival Art Rock in Saint Brieu released in 1983 is a very eclectic music festival that allows artists to explore the boundaries of what constitutes music, one of the most notable event in France. This 2005 documentary edition was directed by Olivier Assayas.

Kerouak, el rey de los beats
, John Antonelli, 1994. V.O.S. English. 71’
In this romantic, sentimental homage to America's well-known Beat writer Jack Kerouac, director John Antonelli combines readings from Kerouac's works, footage of the writer with figures such as Steve Allen and William Buckley, as well as views of his home and favorite locales.

16 APR
Mala noche
, Gus Van Sant, 1985. V.O.S. English. 78‘
Mala Noche is the first feature film by Gus Van, a low budget film based on an autobiographical novel by the Oregon poet Walt Curtis. The Mala Noche  was shot entirely on location in Portland, Oregon. A story of amour fou with a young man with money at stake.

23 APR
“Superstar”- La Historia de Karen Carpenter,
Todd Haynes, 1987. V.O.S. English. 43’
Experimental biography of the life, fame, fall and death of the singer of the band The Carpenters. All of the parts are played out by Ken and Barbie style dolls where Karen battles with anorexia nervosa and the cultural influence of the Carpenters in the 70s. 

Blind Video Days, Spike Jonze. 1991. V.O.S. ingles. 24’
Video Days is a skateboarding video by Blind Skateboards.  It is considered one of the most influential skate videos, as director Spike Jonze's format has continued to be the definitive template for most skate videos. Video Days is the first movie/video directed by Spike Jonze and stars Mark Gonzales, Rudy Johnson, Jason Lee, Guy Mariano and Jordan Richter. Legendary professional skateboarder Danny Way was briefly on Blind Skateboards from 1990-1991 and shot some footage for Video Days