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oct 15, 16 & 17. 2010

Film, video, music and other delight… During the weekend, it will take place, in a relaxing atmosphere, different contemporary representations of moving images and sounds: four videos, two concerts, film screening and a round table accompanied by  venues for encounters. 


FRI 15
Wine party to start awaking our senses. CA2M hall at 20:00 h.
20:30 h: presentation and Video Programme 1.  Auditorium

SAT 16
At 13:00 h., it is the best time to warm up the temperature of the terrace.
13:30 h. Concert: The dead rat orchestra. After the concert some snacks and chating under the sun.
16:00 h. Video Programme 2: Imágenes de la memoria I. Auditorium. Guest artist Vincent Meessen.
During the whole afternoon tees and coffees will accompany us… to keep on warming up the atmosphere
17:30 h. To shoot an elephant, Alberto Arce/Mohammad Rujailah. Auditorium
19:30 h. Encounter with the film director To shoot an elephant, Alberto Arce and Miguel Salvatierra. Auditorium
20:30 h.  Video Programme 3: Imágenes de la memoria II. Auditorium. Guest artist Fernando Baños.

SUN  17
From  13:00 h weak up under the Sunday´s sun at CA2M terrace
13:30 h. Anda Jaleo concierto: Josephine Foster & The Victor Herrero Band.
After the concert some snacks and chat under the October sun.
16:00 h.  Video Programme 4: La hipótesis del ahora. Auditorium.

Starting on Friday with a commissionated programming by the audiovisual platform of contemporary art , JULIO, which has its roots in cinema, music and theory. JULIO is on line on This programme is composed by a series of works that turn around the future, creating some strength between fiction and reality.

On Saturday, all programmes will take a look at the past, toward images from memory, (also builders of fictions) and toward images of forgetfulness. As Jerôme Laffont states in Algèrie, images d’un combat- Images of Fight- “Time grants images with a estrange destiny. Once their immediate usage is gone, they immediately become memories. Known memories or forgotten memories in the archives. Then, one day, they are brought back to light, dusted from the place they were latent and reappear so we can remember” Throughout the day, we will screen a set of productions which talk about hidden images from our eyes and expressly forgotten and destroyed, but latent whether in archives or in the memory. The film To Shoot an Elephant will round up the programming with the participation of Alberto Arce who will engage a dialogue with Miguel Salvatierra at the end of the screening.

We will close the week with a thematic programming curated by Fionn Meade, art conservator from the Sculpture Center of Nueva York, who has personally selected creation which brings up again a particular glace towards the images from the memory.
Two concerts round the music part of the programming, concerts which also explore  archives searching for sounds from the past: The Dead Rat Orchestra a Spanish traditional songs recovered by Lorca and interpreted by Josephine Foster and the Victor Herrero Band, all this accompanied with snacks, soft drinks and a place for chatting and encounter.

Alberto Arce , Fernando Baños Fidalgo, Yael Bartana, Tatiana Blass,Javier Codesal, Andrés Duque, Josephine Foster & The Victor Herrero Band, Carlos Irijalba, JULIO, Zerek Kempf, Jérôme Laffont, Mia Makela,Augusto Marban, Fionn Meade, Vincent Meessen, Julia Meltzer, Rosalind Nashashibi, Mohammad Rujailah, Miguel Salvatierra, Marinella Senatore, Mary Simpson, Lucy Skaer, Javier Téllez, The Dead Rat Orchestra, David Thorne, Marc Thümmler. Liu Wei,Sarah Wood.

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