CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

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25 MAY – 9 SEPTEMBER 2018


Archivo F.X by the artist Pedro G. Romero (Huelva, 1964) is a collection of documentation “in construction”, comprising more than one thousand images and files that are, on one hand, an archive of images of anticlerical political iconoclasm in Spain and also, on the other, and cast under the same light, a mirror held up to the radical projects of the modern vanguard from Malevich to Rothko, from Dada to the Situationists.

Since the late nineties, the Archivo F.X. has been working with the psycho-technical chekas that Alphonse Laurencic designed and built for the Military Information Service of the Spanish Republican army between 1937 and 1939, in churches and convents confiscated from the Catholic Church. To a certain degree the opposing fields of meaning in operation in Archivo F.X. find a natural form here: aesthetics, learning and violence come together as experimental art and as religious profanation.

At the core of the exhibition are life-size reconstructions of three psycho-technical chekas from Barcelona and Valencia. They are surrounded by all sorts of documentary works, photos, films, artworks, bibliography and architectural designs.

The project explores such paradoxical historical events as the acts of the Republican rear-guard during the Spanish Civil War, the contradictions between good and violence in the radical modern project, the deceptions of the psychotropic expansion of perception, the necessary crises of utopian vision and the very limits of art.