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2ª Oficina de gestión de ideas



Note on 2nd Oficina de Gestión de Ideas

CA2M’s Education and Public Activities department was preparing to take on the functions of a customer services department inasmuch as undertaking an effective management of ideas at its offices located at no. 23 Avenida de la Constitución in Móstoles.

We were going to provide people with support in the overall structuring, drafting, analysis, planning and compliance of their projects or goals, as long as they entered within the field of this Oficina de Gestión de Ideas (Ideas Management Office), a field which admittedly was and is extremely broad. The remit would be similar to the first iteration of the Ideas Management Office implemented by Isidoro Valcárcel Medina at Galería Fúcares in Madrid between 26 February and 26 March 1994, an experience recorded in 2019 in a joint publication between CA2M and the publishers Entreascuas, with a report on all the cases resolved during that first office, which had remained unpublished up until then.

As an essential element of this 2nd Office, we were also going to bring on board a team of professionals made up of members of the aforementioned department, María José Ollero, and Isidoro Valcárcel Medina as special advisor.

However, this Office wishes to inform that:

In compliance with Order 348/2020 of the Region of Madrid’s Department of Health as a consequence of the situation and evolution of coronavirus (COVID-19), we are forced to postpone the opening of the 2nd Oficina de Gestión de Ideas which was scheduled to take place to the public during the first week of May.

The situation caused by coronavirus is forcing us to reorganize on all levels—conceptual, material and emotional—in order to guarantee the best possible attention to all the people who have ideas or projects they wish to develop.

After carefully evaluating the possible implementation of the Office under the present circumstances, and consulting our advisor and first precursor, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, we have come to the conclusion that we cannot implement such a complex undertaking telematically. We need to have a physical meeting place where we can truly listen to and respond to people’s proposals and ideas and ensure that there are no mechanical operating problems. According to the advisor:

“I don’t have an email or smartphone. I profoundly detest the idea of teleworking. I worked on the phone back in 1973 but it was not under regime of teleworking... just wait and we will make a more human office”.

That is why we are asking people to be patient and understanding, and as soon as it is possible we will open the 2nd Oficina de Gestión de Ideas.


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