CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo





At the end of the book of collections one can read the following “although my memory was good, I thought that I should write it down”. The ways of writing of Las Borrajas are uncertain. One thinks as one goes along.

This year we have three possible ideas for printing:

  1. A book on spaces for teaching art at the Europa secondary school
  2. A close follow-up of a season of underground film
  3. A gardening almanac

Agua de Borrajas is a joint publishing project run by CA2M’s education department and the Roma printers. Together we wanted to take a new look at some of the practices proposed by the department and to develop them in printed format. Each one of the processes will have their own specific formal qualities, paying particular attention to, among other things, the printers’ means of production, suggestions and whatever goes down the best.

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