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Jornadas Estudio imagen_Imagen Andrea Rodrigo

19, 20, 21 MARCH 2020

Applications will be accepted until 24 February (consult conditions HERE)

Curated by Isabel de Naverán with escuelita
Isabel de Naverán, Pablo Marte, Thiago Granato, Rita Natalio, Eszter Salamon, Liza Baliasnaja, Tiran Willemse, Julia Morandeira, Manuel Segade and others to be confirmed.

The symposium wishes to shake up certain preconceptions that designate bodies as a consequence of the historical circumstances which it is their lot to live, given that, while history makes bodies, it is also true that bodies make history. History is told through images that, unlike bodies, are fixed and mute, provoking a situation in which, more than narrated, history is accounted for. Images seem to freeze events and are often relegated to an uninflected correspondence with said events. What we are proposing here is to listen to how some of these images are revealed, belying and negating their own narratives, alerting us to other stories, that emerge during the rereading and in the dispute against the ordering of time. Seen in this light, some images rather than mute, seem to mutate, acting while at once being acted upon, manoeuvred and sustained. Bodies are also acted upon and subjected by other forms of corporality, those that inhabit their gesturality sequestered by the knowledge of a tradition or by a specific way of relating to and positioning oneself against their varied worlds. The question embedded in the title imagines a form of making with bodies and images that, in a state of mutual listening, is capable of moving, of writing letters in non-linear time, of establishing correspondences that could also even be against the grain of time, untimely, anachronic, syncopated, challenging the linearity which is predisposed to a before and an after.

The symposium is divided into three sessions, with each one anchored in specific choreographic and artistic processes which can explore notions of history, tradition and transmission of self-generated body techniques that allow us to speculate on processes that could be qualified as a recognition of gestural archive, estrangement from one’s own tradition or an exploration of the listening between present and absent bodies. From these processes, the sessions seek to expand the study to a dialogue with agents which are co-conspirators with art, anthropology and philosophy, in the crossroads of knowledge.



_ 17:00  17:15 Presentation: Manuel Segade and Julia Morandeira

_ 17:15  18:00 Lecture: Casing, History and Syncope. Isabel de Naverán

_ 18:00  18:45 Lecture: Things that exist alongside one another. History and Symptom. Pablo Marte

_ 18:45  19:30 Debate

_ 19:30  19:45 Break

_ 19:45  20:30 Lecture: Choreoversations. How to negotiate the presence of those who are not here. Thiago Granato. Presented and moderated by Isabel de Naverán

_ 20:30 – 21:00 Debate



_ 17:00  17:45 Critical session and debate

_ 17:45  18:30 Critical session and debate

_ 18:30  18:45 Break

_ 18:45  19:30 Conversation: between Julia Morandeira and Rita Natalio

_ 19:30 – 20:00 Debate

_ 20:00  21:00 Performance: Trança [Braid]. Thiago Granato

Jornadas sesion 02 Trança Thiago Granato ©Haroldo Saboia

Thiago Granato at Trança © Haroldo Saboia


12:00 – 14:00 Performance of special edition of Monument 0.4: Lores & Praxes (rituals of transformation) by Eszter Salamon. Activated by Liza Baliasnaja and Tiran Willemse.

Jornadas sesion 03 Lores and Praxes Eszter Salamon

Monument 0.4: Lores & Praxes (rituals of transformation) by Eszter Salamon © Lisa Rave


Admission free while places last.