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Jornadas Estudio imagen_Imagen Andrea Rodrigo

Envoltura, historia y síncope, by Isabel de Naverán © Andrea Rodrigo


Curated by Isabel de Naverán with escuelita
Isabel de Naverán, Pablo Marte, Thiago Granato, Rita Natalio, Eszter Salamon, Liza Baliasnaja, Tiran Willemse, Julia Morandeira, Manuel Segade, Ameen Mettawa and Ana Folguera.

We wish to share with you this compilation in text format on the various contributions conceived for the 26th Image Symposium For which bodies, for what stories, curated by Isabel de Naverán jointly with escuelita. Originally programmed for 19-21 March 2020 —unexpectedly coinciding with the first week of the state of emergency decreed by the government— the decision was taken to postpone the symposium to a later date, still to be decided. In this reader we have complied a number of texts and materials addressing the issues thrown up by the symposium, generously contributed by the choreographers and speakers in the line-up of guests invited to the event (Ana Folguera, Thiago Granato, Ameen Mettawa, Pablo Marte, Rita Natálio, Isabel de Naverán, Eszter Salamon).

It is not the intention for these readings to replace the lectures and conversations scheduled to take place during the symposium. The idea is that it will serve as a kind of preamble, as working material for study and rapprochement, to keep alive the ideas and thinking accumulated over the months of conceptualization and preparation.

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