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This year we are back again with a programme full of ideas with which to defend the infectious joy that sustains everything we do. The excitement when a balloon escapes and we run after it, or when we go on a trip to the mountain, or when we come across a kiln in the school workshops and want to get it back working again, or when you are allowed to go up onto the roof of the school for the first time, or when you read out loud about your collection of IDs and it becomes important.

There are lots of us around the corner, or under the stairs, and this is where we do and also undo things and make them vanish. A group of dreamers who fantasise about a place that doesn’t even exist; not utopia, but a chimera made up of the girls in Dancing the Neighbourhood, the Sub21 team, the knitters, the reading group, the roof terrace gardeners, Universidad Popular, Agua de Borrajas, the amateur choir or Las Sin Nombre theatre company, as well as this year the people at the Children’s Home in Móstoles, the ceramics group, the dance trios, and all those who want to take part in the spectacular monster.

We are not trying to resist. Instead, we want to insist, insist, insist. And now we will do so even stronger, without holding back, with greater luxuriousness, with the luxury of the garden and of dance, of fire and of clay in great big kilns so that everything burns brighter. We will work with erotica, hysterical laughter, changing the names we already have, and ensure, in a radical shift, that there is an even greater desire, if that’s possible, until going completely crazy and nothing will ever fit together again.

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