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Download 2017-2018 education programme

Almost ten years later, when imagining a new school year, let’s recall how much our way of seeing things has changed over this time span. Back then, the mission of a museum’s education or outreach department was basically limited to explaining exhibitions and organising workshops. Now we record films, explore our surrounding streets, or we weave a roof canopy. These practices might seem far removed from the remit of an education department, but they are now playing an increasingly more important role in all our educational projects. In fact, weaving a canopy to provide shade for our roof terrace garden turned out to be a key project in conceiving the school year that is just getting underway. First of all, because the weavers taught us how to weave, which is to say, they put us in a non-expert position, a place from where we would like to look at this year in order to discover the learning mechanisms it leads to. Weaving made us think about all the different techniques that we know nothing about and in the pleasure of placing ourselves in a situation of inexperience.

At the same time, because it is an object made my many people in an irregular and spontaneous fashion, the canopy made us question the museum’s established aesthetic. For this reason, this year, in the institution that normally legitimises beauty and learning, we wish to continue expanding the possibilities of action and to throw light on other practices usually considered to be minor, that are normally relegated to the sidelines and that question certain ideas which have to do with one single way of approaching things. And, once again, we will be doing so from queer practices and pedagogies, with the inclusion this year of a workshop aimed at teachers, whose purpose is to enable them to help expand the possibilities of being-in-the-world within classrooms. With these activities, we invite anyone who wishes to join us to be an amateur, a maruja or hausfrau, or a monster, understanding these as ways of being in resistance against hegemonic images and knowledge. Amateurs motivated by passion and enthusiasm to do stuff, and not by the logic of success; marujas who uphold popular domestic know-how; and monsters who instigate displacements in desire and beauty.

Yet again this year we want this programme to serve as an open platform for experimentation and an alternative to dynamics based on efficacy and productivity. It hopes to be a space that encourages working at a slower pace, looking at mistakes as a driving force for creativity and with the excitement of working with something that cannot be fully explained. A meeting place for people who make furniture for the museum, who make hammocks to transform a park in Móstoles or to join an amateur choir. And all this in constant dialogue with the various gazes offered to us by the artists and the exhibitions on view at the museum, which are an endless source of inspiration for our projects. This year we will be even more focused on our immediate environs. We will continue working on our projects with the arts class at the Europa secondary school, the after-school project Dancing the Neighbourhood, and we will be extending our collaboration with the Pablo Neruda vocational education school in Móstoles with a new artist residence. We are also starting The Triangle, a sound, music and listening project involving the Beato Simón de Rojas primary school, the Rodolfo Halffter music conservatory and the CA2M itself, with a view to stimulating research into new forms of interrelating.


When we were finalising the activities for the 2017-2018 school year we learnt how to make marbled paper and included a sheet in each programme. After ten years of activities, we want to work as if we were starting out all over, with the excitement of all that is still waiting to be learned and imagined, to build together another possible education department.

Team at CA2M education department