Agua de borrajas. Posters

Agua de borrajas. Acento Posters

Agua de Borrajas and the artists-in-residence in the Acento programme have jointly produced a publication that rounded off the three-day event in which each one presented their own piece. The outcome are seven A1 posters making up a Manual of Instructions that that wishes to put the body of the actions to the test at home.

Agua de Borrajas is a publishing project created by CA2M’s education department in collaboration with the Roma printers. Together we wish to think about some of the practices proposed by the art centre’s Department of Education and Activities and to then share them in printed format. Each one of the processes will have its own particular formal characteristics and will have a bearing on, among other things, the means of production of the printing, suggestions for each project, and what receives the best response.

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