Picnic Sessions 2022
From May 26TH to June 30TH


At the beginning of the 19th century, The Picnic Society was born in London, an association that met regularly in the open air and in whose meetings each member was expected to contribute part of the entertainment and refreshments without there being a specific host. Based on this concept, and as a Picnic Society, the Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo invites several curators each year to design a program for the Museum's terrace. Every Thursday from the end of May to the end of June, our terrace becomes a space in which we develop a program of activities in which the body and sound are mixed with the educational and participatory.

Myriad Reflector

Myriad Reflector is an exhibition exercise into the nocturnality. Conceived as a multilayered score unfolding through time, the contributions of artists —composed by light, sonic, rhythmic, smell, haptic, and choreographic elements— intermingle in a kaleidoscopic display defined by disorientation, refractive perspectives, and sensual textures.

Álvaro Perdices

Espejo y Reino / Ornamento y Estado is an installation by artist Álvaro Perdices and curated by María Virginia Jaua. The project – designed specifically for the spaces of the CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo – puts forward the concept of confronting the idea of the archive with the deconstruction of the notions of State and institution framed within the personal and the historical.

Andrea Jiménez
14 y 15 de junio


Si tuvieras a 140 personas desconocidas a tu alrededor dispuestas a satisfacer una necesidad, un deseo, o incluso un capricho tuyo, ¿qué pedirías?

Como parte de la acción artística "Time Bank" realizaremos un taller abierto al público en el que exploraremos al concepto de interdependencia profundizando en el sencillo pero difícil arte de desear, pedir, dar y regalar. Los participantes en el taller también formarán parte de la performance “Time Bank” en la Picnic Session del día 23 de Junio.

elena alonso

Al cuidado de las pequeñas sombras (In the care of the small shadows) is a site-specific installation created by Elena Alonso for the terrace of the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo Museum, consisting of four sculptures conceived as a bat shelter.

Gonçalo Sena

This fountain is made through a twofold transformation of materials sourced from nature. Firstly, marble—the material par excellence of classical sculpture—is a previously cut piece which was perhaps originally destined for industrial use.


There is a signature feature to Hannah Collins’s photos of urban horizons: the sky is always tinted with a strange colour. Like the images over the credits of an imaginary film, this photo captures the feeling that a particular place—whether through premeditated cultural references or a subjective impression—produced in the artist at a certain point in time.

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    The Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo Museum receives a special mention in the first edition of the Outstanding Practices Outstanding Museum Practices Award 2021 by the CIMAM (International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art) of ICOM . A recognition of the work of the Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in response to the consequences of the global pandemic.