June Crespo

June Crespo understands sculpture as an exercise that enables her to bring together seemingly opposed qualities. Her works partake equally of the petrean and the perishable, the mechanised and the manual, the abject and the sensuous. The convergence between materials and motifs creates a vocabulary that seems interpretable as a contradiction.

Karlos Gil

This exhibition by the artist Karlos Gil (Talavera de la Reina, 1984) is the most complete public presentation of his work to date. It showcases some of the various lines of work that have marked his practice in recent years: the relationship between artificial and natural, technology and the body, obsolescence, the complexity of second and third degree urban signs, science fiction... among other issues.

Xabier Salaberria

In his work, Xabier Salaberria explores the forms in which certain structures behave in specific spaces, perverting their apparent neutrality and questioning the categories in which they are conventionally inscribed.

visitas posicionadas
Visitas posicionadas
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Visitas posicionadas 2023

Bienvenida a Una vibración casi Imperceptible, una visita posicionada. Te invitamos a entrar en un paisaje coreografiable que se crea mientras lo recorremos y que pregunta ¿dónde termina tu cuerpo y comienza este paisaje?

Cine Interespecial
2 February to 13 April 2023


This film series - understood as a popular manifestation of contemporary anxieties - seeks to explore the relationship between species and the relationship of human beings with their environment from different perspectives; some more catastrophic and others more friendly and hopeful, in tune with Donna J. Haraway's vision.


There is a signature feature to Hannah Collins’s photos of urban horizons: the sky is always tinted with a strange colour. Like the images over the credits of an imaginary film, this photo captures the feeling that a particular place—whether through premeditated cultural references or a subjective impression—produced in the artist at a certain point in time.

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The Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo Museum receives a special mention in the first edition of the Outstanding Practices Outstanding Museum Practices Award 2021 by the CIMAM (International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art) of ICOM . A recognition of the work of the Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in response to the consequences of the global pandemic.