Current Educational Activities

Baile impar_Foto María Eugenia Serrano Diez
14 April - 26 May 2020

Odd-Numbered Dance Workshop

A workshop for all kinds of bodies which, at the same time, have had all kinds of experiences on dancefloors, parties and festivals. The proposal consists in practicing in trios a series of classic dances for two.

Huerto en la Terraza 2021
Garden on the terrace
From January 15, 2021

Vegetable garden on the roof workshop 2021

CA2M’s Vegetable Garden on the Roof has been going for eight years. Over that time, we have experienced a profound process in which many different people have participated, making it a meeting point based on working together and sharing knowledge.

Coro Amateur 2021
Alternate Thursdays until June 10


An amateur choir is a creative project in which all types of voices are welcome. The choir doesn’t just sing songs but aspires to embrace all the sounds in the world. 

Equipo Sub21
Sub21 team
All year

U21 team

The U21 team is a group made up of young people from 16 to 21 years of age who are interested in culture, art and community life.

Previous Educational Communities

Cecilia Vicuña, Quipu menstrual, 2019
March 2021

 Aimed at groups of secondary school students, this activity will engage with the work and strategies of the Chilean artist in order to think and to act through her work.

Danzónico 2021
Abril - mayo 2021

Ahora que la normalidad se ha hecho rara y sabemos que lo raro es lo normal, nos adaptamos como camaleones para proponer una actividad dirigida a los alumnos y alumnas de primaria. 

Bailar el barrio
Martes, de 17:30 a 19:00

Bailar el barrio 2021

Hola, soy Galaxia La Perla. Me gusta expresarme a través del baile, el voguing, el runway, el maquillaje y la moda tanto en espacios físicos como digitales.

Sub21 team
Registration open until January 2021

The under-21 team is a group of young people between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one who are interested in culture, art and community life. It focuses on utopian art practices that propose experimental forms of organisation, dissident attitudes and collective processes of creation.

Taller queer secundaria y bachillerato CA2M

Now that normality has finally become strange and we know that strange is normal, we want to celebrate it and continue thinking about it from our bodies (mine and others) and try out new ways of being and of being together.

Grupo de educación y creación audiovisual
Teacher training

A group of teachers and people interested in education who are also fascinated by audiovisuals decided to look out the window together. This is where we wanted to start, looking with fresh eyes, listening with attention to little things and touching film with our own hands.

Educational Community Publications

Mirarme a mí Diario de una participante en el taller Ser o no ser un cuerpo de Amalia Fernández

En este curso el equipo de educación del CA2M apostó por explorar formatos y enfoques, redirigiendo el foco hacia los volátiles procesos que suceden en el interior del aula en el marco de estos proyectos de artista.

Otredad en el aula: Nada va a la escuela

Por segundo año, las residencias de artistas en colegios realizadas en el marco del proyecto Aquí trabaja un artista del CA2M, estuvieron acompañadas de una investigación evaluativa. Dando un paso más, desde el lugar reflexivo desde el que trabaja el departamento de educación, en esta edición el desafío fue el de indagar y explorar los diferentes enfoques y formatos que la investigación podía adoptar, y de qué modo estos podían aportar a la reflexión crítica sobre los procesos artísticos que se llevan a cabo en el marco escolar.

No sabíamos lo que hacíamos
Readings on Education
Presentation of publication by CA2M Education Department

After several failed attempts, we can finally announce the presentation of We didn’t know what we were doing. Readings on education, a publication explaining some of the practices developed for and by CA2M’s education department. This publication compiles not just texts, but also a good number of group dialogues which bring into play a way of working that understands dialogue, constant research, experimentation and investigation as the basic pillars of educational work.

Lecturas para un espectador inquieto

The book Arte actual. Lecturas para un espectador inquieto [which we could translate roughly as Art Today. Readings for an Edgy Viewer] is a compilation of essays by experts in art theory and practice on recurrent issues within art over recent decades, including: the viewer´s position vis-à-vis art today and its institutions; the construction of the modern subject and its crisis; gender issues; art in a global world; and the connections between aesthetics and politics.


The department’s first cinematographic production, Pyramids, is an audiovisual investigation on the project by the El Banquete collective within the Artist at Work programme. The documentary is a tool for encouraging spaces for reflection on artistic and educational practices as well as on other challenges facing collective work.

Agua de borrajas. Colección de colecciones

After a long slow time spent in conversations and encounters with amateur collectors connected with the museum, we are now launching a publication about some of the things they have been telling and showing us. We invite you to read, observe and get involved in these collections.

Agua de borrajas. Posters

Agua de Borrajas and the artists-in-residence in the Acento programme have jointly produced a publication that rounded off the three-day event in which each one presented their own piece. The outcome are seven A1 posters making up a Manual of Instructions that that wishes to put the body of the actions to the test at home.

Aquí trabaja un artista. Nuria Mora
Accompaniment, research and account

This publication is the outcome of the work undertaken in Artist at Work, CA2M’s art residency programme in schools. It is the result of the research and an account of a project that lasted almost three months and 20 sessions at the Beato Simón de Rojas school in Móstoles, with the guest artist Nuria Mora and the rest of the team at the museum’s education department.

Fotografía: María Eugenia Serrano Díez

Paisaje sonoro realizado con los 48 samples ordenados por el autor a la manera de un solitario de cartas sobre la mesa.