Formacion porfesorado

Sofía Montenegro, Cámara Oscura, 2023. Picture: Jorge Anguita Mirón.

We are outdoors, in the fresh air. Multiple layers of reality are occurring at the same time. The sun is setting on the horizon, the light is constantly transforming. What separates what we are seeing and what we are imagining?

By stopping to see what we seldom perceive, in this workshop we will engage in several attention exercises with the goal of inquiring into sight and the kinematic. We will work with things that are not a material support but are supported by what is around us to shape other realities. The goal is to seek new ways of producing images by connecting the visual with the sonorous and action in a space.

This workshop is targeted at teachers, educators and artists interested in education. It is offering a week of work to forge bonds by collaborating and collectively reflecting with the Museum’s educators, the attending teachers and the guest artist.

Sofia Montenegro’s work lies somewhere between sound, image, text and performance. She studied Fine Arts and Cultural Studies in Utrecht and Madrid and earned an MA in Art Praxis at the Dutch Art Institute. Her works often take the form of installations, sound tours, listening sessions, collective encounters or performance.

She has recently showed her works in exhibitions, actions and performances at La Papelería, the Ana Mas Projects gallery, the Blueproject Foundation, the Centre d’Arts Santa Monica, Can Felipa Arts Visuals, Bulegoa, MNCARS, LCE, El Chico Madrid and Kunstraum Bethanien Berlin, among others, and will soon do so at Barcelona’s La Capella. 

She is also the winner of Barcelona Producció 2023-24 and Generación 2022 and has done residencies at Futurama Alentejo, BilbaoArte and CRA Matadero Madrid. She is currently a resident at Hangar in Barcelona.

6-9 MAY 17:00- 20:00
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6-9 MAY
Pasos, cadenas, murmullos.
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