cuaderno educativo

This year we want to focus our programme on endings. At your school, don’t you get the feeling that you don’t know how things are supposed to end? How do you deal with saying farewell to your pupils? For example: How should the final production of the children’s play turn out? A colleague once said to us: If I see that my daughters’ play is flawless, I worry about the process. We’re not good at achieving a satisfactory ending – or we find it difficult If we see that things end in a clean, perfect way, we believe that something hasn’t quite gone as it should. We call it tying a ribbon around the workshop: when we say goodbye with a conclusion and people leave with smiles on their faces and even applaud (the worst thing is when they applaud), then there’s something we feel that’s not quite right. That’s why we want to think about what happens to us and broaden the commonly held narrative about what should happen in the end.

We’ll work throughout the year with the material we’ve created over the previous fifteen courses until we run out: the information sheets for the educational programme are made from 58.4 kilos of paper from documents, images and archives from all these years of activities, which have been processed by the Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades. This programme for youngsters will work with the left over materials from the museum. In this year’s performance workshop, we’ll make a school with the blankets that last year were made into a kite; and we’ll make a house with material from dismantled exhibitions.

“Using up” to create and learn together what nobody teaches us: how to say goodbye to things, places and people. We want to accompany and take care of how processes end, doing so as if there were no tomorrow. We want to end things in the best possible way, to enjoy the beauty of the last moment and to cross boldly over to the other side.

Teacher training

  • MAKING A SCHOOL. Performance and education workshop.
  • FOOTSTEPS, CHAINS, DOORS, MURMURS AND EXPLETIVES FROM AN UNSEEN CROWD. Audiovisual and educational workshop. April (spring).
  • MISSING A CLASS. In collaboration with the UAM’s Department of Artistic, Plastic and Visual Education. Throughout the school year. 


Pre-school and primary school students


Secondary school students








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